Stories About Our Shop and Our Dog Rescues

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

Many people want to know: Why is there a lighthouse perched on the top of our bike shop building? We absolutely love all things nautical, alongside our love for bikes. Come inside and all will be made clear as day, once you've see how we decorated!

As we were constructing our new building, we decided that we wanted to incorporate an uncommon eye catching feature not typically seen in the middle of a city in Colorado. Thus was born our lighthouse, the crowning touch. To answer many a curious visitor's questions: yes, there is a working light inside, and yes, there is a way to the top of the lighthouse (the view is spectacular!). We are so sorry, but there are no tours are given of the lighthouse as it is a little difficult climb.

Next time you're traveling down Colorado Avenue near 7th Street, look up and check out our lighthouse. We're pretty sure it's the only one.


The Wright Story

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The roots of aviation are forever tied to the bicycle

We get a lot of comments and questions about the mural on the side of our building. It was painted by a talented local artist named David Gonzales during the summer of 1998. It depicts an old-time bi-plane flying over wind swept sand dunes with a curious group of cyclist riding below. Many people don't realize that this is a tribute to the Wright brother's achievement of the first manned, powered and controlled flight in 1903.

Wilbur and Orville Wright were first fascinated with bicycles, and began the Wright Cycle Company in 1896 in Dayton, Ohio. They sold hundreds of their Wright Special's for $18 each, and those funds financed much of their work and experimentation in aviation. Many of their tests on aerodynamics and wing forms were conducted on top of bicycles that were used to produce the necessary breeze. Story has it, that Wilbur one day at his bike shop while fiddling with an empty inner tube box got the idea for the moveable bi-plane wing. The box was rigid vertically, but could be twisted into opposing angles. The discovery of this design was a major step to the development of the first airplane.

On December 17th 1903 history was made and the world forever changed with that first flight. The roots of aviation will forever be tied to the bicycle and the two inventive bicycle mechanics from Ohio. We pay tribute to both with our mural. Next time when coming into our shop, pause and take a look and reflect on how our lives have been made better by both of these incredible inventions.


Zoie's story


One day some customers saw me playing with our dog Bosco while perusing around the bike shop and during our conversations, they asked me if I wanted another one. I was indeed curious and asked if they were getting rid of a Maltese (that breed is so expensive). They replied yes, and that they were moving and wouldn't be able to keep her.

That is how we became pet parents of our sweet Zoie. She was an older pup at 9 years old, she weighed less than 3 pounds, and had a hunched back as a result of being in a crate for those 9 years. Poor girl, she could not even hold her head up straight; the day after we got her we rushed her to our vet. Her teeth were infected, her jawbone was also infected, and we discovered many other issues as well. We decided to have her fixed because we found out that dogs that are fixed live much longer and have less health problems. Nothing could be done with her hunch back, and it made her walk funny, but she was never in pain again. Our vet said the blood infection would have killed in a few more days without proper care.

She immediately grew to over 6 pounds! She was healthy, happy, and loved for the last 6 years of her life! She slept on our bed, and we made her home made dog food. She loved being held and was a great playmate for Bosco. She traveled all over the USA, spending a month in Key West, going on lots of fishing and camping trips. She was so happy to go to the bike shop every day. She just loved life so much. At almost 15 years old, on October 22, she suffered a stroke and passed away in my arms. I continued to tell her how much we love her and kissing her. I always prayed she did not remember her first 9 years of neglect and abuse, and only remembered her last 6 years with us.

Zoie taught us it is okay to get an old dog. They have so much love to give and truly appreciate a good life. About a month after Zoie passed we found Gracie through a Mill Dog Rescue. Gracie is a puppy mill survivor. For over 10 ½ years of her life she had 2 litters of puppies every year until breast cancer saved her life and got her out of there. Bosco, our 5 pound Maltese, is the one that chose Gracie and he loves his new sister. -Bonnie

Please, if you are considering getting a dog check out The Misfits Dog Rescue. These mill dogs make great companions and they need your help. All they want is a loving forever home: