The Tale of Colorado Springs Bike Shop

In times past, the needs of cyclists and their bicycles have been rusted over and forgotten, with no one around to grease and lube these sad rides and gear up those unhappy riders.

Then, one sunny day, it was decided that no more would riders need to be broken down and missing trails! Two brave cycling souls would stand up and take a vow to bring back the glorious days when cyclists enjoyed biking in the sunshine on their beloved cycles with no hitches or glitches. 

That is how Colorado Springs Bicycle Shop came into being. Serving Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region has been our pleasure since 1973, and we (Ed and Bonnie Johnson) have and wish to continue excelling, in creating wonderful memories and giving awesome service to every rider and cycle that walks through the door, no exceptions. Gone are the Dark Ages of cycling, friends! 

Our New Building for Colorado Springs Bike Shop on Colorado Ave

Our Original Building

We believe in helping you stress less about your ride by staying ahead of the cycling curve. With cutting edge equipment and our seasonal rotation of products, we will graciously provide the services you need, whenever you need them.
During the time you're waiting on us to serve you, or even if you're just wheeling in to say hello, take a moment to put the kickstand down and fill your bike thermos with an amazing, freshly made smoothie or one of our own handcrafted rootbeers at one of the coolest bike bars ever!

Welcome to The Liki Tiki and Colorado Springs Bicycle Shop. We are excited to have you as part of our family. We'll pedal the extra mile for you!