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Meet Rocky

Rocky W. Applegate has been employed at Colorado Springs Bike Shop since 2002. He became interested in being a bike mechanic as a young boy, around six years old, watching his dad care for his machines; Bikes were Rocky’s machines. By 12 years old he was building and modifying his own bikes as well as overhauling his friends’ bikes for money. He worked part time in a bike shop, filling in for vacations, from the young ages of 12-14.

Rocky has been riding a braised steel road bike called “Gatsby” who’s frame he built in 1986. It has gotten daily use as a gentleman’s commuter bike — his specialty — for 33 years.  In his spare time, Rocky spends a lot of time reading, and “Gatsby” got his name from the book, The Great Gatsby.

He also has a mountain bike called “Gilgamesh” named, again, from the pages of literature and a stovepipe black spray-painted French commuter called “The Black Pig”. This bike is what he calls city camouflage, a nondescript bike that he can park on the street all night and not worry about theft.

When he’s not at work, you can find Rocky riding Gold Camp Road, his favorite local trail or watching old Sci-Fi movies, reading, listening to jazz, working in his metal shop or on his super steel folding pocket knife hobby.

If you are looking to get into riding — or get back into riding — he suggests reading the old “how to ride books” and ride often! Stop by anytime and talk to him with questions. He’s happy to offer advice and suggestions as well as touch on the finer points of riding.