5 Keys to a Smooth Running Bike This Year

5 Keys to Keep Your Bicycle Running Smoothly This Year

1.Keep the tires aired up
Firm tires roll easier and get fewer flats

Bike tires lose air over time and need to be pumped up on a regular basis. Use a good floor pump with a gauge and this job will be quick and simple. Look on the sidewall of the tire for the air pressure range. Try 10 psi below max pressure for low rolling resistance and avoid pinch flats.

2. Keep her Clean
A clean bike always rides better

Dirt, grit and road grime sticking to your bike's frame and parts will prematurely wear them out. For a light cleaning, just take a soft damp rag and wipe her down. For a more thorough cleaning of the chain and gears, brush on a citrus solvent like Finish Line's Bike De-greaser and then rinse off.

3.Keep the chain and cables lubed
Prevent rust and enjoy a smooth quiet ride

Oil your chain at least once a week during the riding season, or right after cleaning or riding in wet conditions.Use a high quality lube such as Finish Line's Dry Teflon and your chain will stay clean much longer Put a drop or two of the same lube on your cables wherever the wire leaves the housing.

4.Get a Yearly Tune-Up
Make your bike ride like new

There really is no substitute for a high quality bike tune-up performed by a capable mechanic at least once a year. There are just too many details on a bicycle for you to go it alone Know when to call on a professional. Here at Colorado Springs Bike Shop we have been repairing and tuning bikes for well over 40 years and guarantee that your bike will run at it's peak of performance.

5.Just Ride!
The well used bike is always bright

Ben Franklin had the right idea when he said "rust consumes, faster than labor wears, while the used key is always bright". That is true for our bikes as well as our bodies. So lets get out there and ride our bikes and make it a great year!