An Amazing Machine

This is a story about a marvelous machine. See if can guess what it is.

This wonderful device, if utilized wisely, will certainly save you money. In fact, this humble invention has employed millions of people worldwide for well over a hundred years. Its simplicity and beauty of function has no rival. If put to use by you this machine will surely give back way more than it demands.

Among the wonderful gifts waiting for you, if you put this machine into action, are: improved health and a strong heart, abundant energy and stamina, a trim and fit body, lowered stress and a clear sharp mind. It can turn back time and make you feel like a kid once again. If possessed, how often would you use such a device? Once a year? Once a month?

What if I told you this marvelous machine could also strengthen family bonds and friendships when enjoyed together? That it could take you into the great outdoors and allow you to enjoy the scenery from an entirely fresh perspective? This machine can even transport you up to the towering mountain tops or across the rolling plains if desired; or It could be so practical as to take you shopping or zip you off to work.

I should also mention that this device is simple to use and easy to maintain, and it does not pollute or use a single drop of gas. How often do you think you would want use this machine now? Once a week? Every day perhaps?

What if I were to tell you this incredible machine is probably sitting in your garage right now? Would you be inclined rush out there, pull it from the clutter, dust it off and start enjoying all its wonderful gifts today?

That is our sincere wish for you this new year, and
In case you haven't guessed what I'm talking about, It's the amazing bicycle.